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Children under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult Please note all vouchers & experiences can be booked by calling 07714032543 between 9am and 5pm.



               Sold out for 2021

16Why not take a walk through the picturesque valley with a hawk on your fist, feel the thrill of a bird of prey flying to your gloved hand, accompanied by our experienced falconer. THIS IS ONE OF OUR BESPOKE EXPERIENCE’S. On your return to the falconry you will be given a tour of the birds in their weathering area and aviaries with the chance to handle some of the birds. This is approximately a 2 ½ hour experience. One of our most popular experience .


Price: £70.00 per person

Spectator’s: £15.00 per person 




oiwly1Come and join us for a mystical evening in the company of our owls at Fir Tree Falconry. Watch a variety of these magnificent bird’s in flight with the opportunity to have an owl fly onto to your gloved hand. Followed by a tour of the falconry seeing the bird’s which we have from around the world,you will also be given an informal talk about owls, how they live in the wild and how different they are from other birds of prey. To close this magical evening you will  get the chance to hold some of the owls, getting up close for those fantastic photo opportunities. This is a group experience. Duration approx 2 1/2 hrs

Price: £40.00 per person.




burrowing owls Bonnie and Clyde

Why not spend an unforgettable morning or afternoon on one of our owl encounters. Witness at close hand the spectacular flight of these majestic birds. You will also be given the opportunity to handle and fly some. We run our experiences on a one to one basis so no big groups a Bespoke experience, just you and the birds, you will be supervised by an experienced falconer at all times so you can be assured of our fullest attention. We can accommodate more people if you wish family or friends to join you.

Price: £70 per person.

Spectator: £15 per person. 



IMG_9441This is a great insight into birds of prey, you will have the opportunity to handle some of our magnificent birds and have one flown to the glove. Your falconer will also describe the birds in detail including its hunting behaviour and natural habitat. To end your experience you will be given a guided tour of the rest of the birds in their aviaries. This is a Bespoke experience.

Price: £40 per person

Spectator £5.00 per person.



           Sold out for 2021introducdays The art of falconry goes back for centuries so why not come and get an insight into falconry and spend a unforgettable time with our experienced falconer.This is a Bespoke experience on a one to one base’s for you & your partner,family or friend’s. We will cover the different types of birds, the use of falconry equipment and much, much more. You will be taken down into the valley where you can get to feel the experience of flying a Harris Hawk to your gloved hand. On return to the centre you will feel the difference of how an owl fly’s to you. This is a full fun packed time with lots of hands on experiences and information. Duration 11.30 am until 3.30 pm. Drinks & snack’s throughout the day included.

Price: £150.00 per person.




photoday Birds of prey make an excellent subject for photography, here at Fir Tree we have the perfect surroundings to make your photos have something that little bit extra. We have the experience to cater for photographers of all levels. We run photography days throughout the year, designed for all ages (from 14 yrs). No matter how experienced you are, our days will provide unique opportunities for you to photograph a variety of birds from falcons to hawks and owls. On our days everyone is given the chance for action and static shots with suitable natural backgrounds. Information on each bird’s natural flight and behaviour can be explained by our experienced falconer who will be in attendance at all times, helping you to get that perfect shot! To keep the photographic days more personal this is a Bespoke experience.Duration: approx 3 hours (Full days available)                                                       Price:  £80